1. What is the OCDPA?
    The Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance (OCDPA) is a collective voice on effective Chronic Disease Prevention policy and programming.
  2. What is the main purpose of the OCDPA?
    The purpose of the OCDPA is to facilitate partnership development, support collaborative planning, implementation & evaluation of activities that address health promotion and the prevention of chronic disease in Ontario.
  3. What is the mission of the OCDPA?
    Refer to our Mission Statement.
  4. Who can join the OCDPA?
    Refer to our Become a Member page.
  5. What is the structure of the OCDPA?
    Refer to our Partners & Members page.
  6. How is the OCDPA funded?
    The OCDPA relies on membership fees to help move forward the OCDPA's agenda and help strengthen a comprehensive chronic disease prevention system within Ontario. The OCDPA also actively pursues external opportunities for financial support through funding and grant proposals.