Become a Partner/Member

The OCDPA welcomes new member organizations who have a strong interest in chronic disease prevention and the vision, knowledge and voice to support a systematic approach to chronic disease prevention in Ontario.

Partnership/Membership Benefits

Organizations that join the OCDPA have the opportunity to be a part of a progressive, collaborative process to create solutions that reduce the burden of chronic diseases.

Other benefits of joining include:

  • Collaborative work to shape health promotion and chronic disease prevention policies and programs in Ontario
  • Opportunities to jointly further the mission and goals of its member organizations.
  • Opportunities to understand and leverage the work of others
  • Access to networking opportunities and opportunities to collaborate on work
  • Active participation in the Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada’s Provincial/Territorial Alliance Network to help shape federal policies and programs
  • Consultation to Government on strategic planning through participation on advisory groups
  • Support from the Secretariat to carry out prioritized activities
  • Access to continuous updates on current events in the area of chronic disease prevention

Criteria for Partnership/Membership

Participation in the OCDPA is open to any organization that meets the following criteria. The organization must:

  • Support chronic disease prevention and health promotion in Ontario
  • Support the mission, vision, and guiding principles of the OCDPA
  • Agree to work together with other members in a collaborative and integrated way to influence and ensure that progress is made within the system
  • Support work that identifies the linkages between the social determinants, individual risk factors and chronic disease
  • Is a provincial non-profit organization with provincial-wide jurisdiction and activity.


  • Is a national non-profit organization with strong provincial ties and activity

Membership Types

The OCDPA has two levels of association:

  • Partners form the executive committee on the OCDPA and are active in planning, setting the strategic direction of the Alliance and supporting its activities and projects. 
  • Members are those who support the OCDPA's overall goals, vision and actions, and who are interested in exchanging knowledge, information sharing and networking around chronic disease prevention and health promotion. 

For more information on the OCDPA and the benefits of membership, please contact us at .